Creative Play School

Fostering learning through play.

Family owned and operated since 1980, Creative Play School offers early childhood education and care in Alexandria, Virginia. Our professional staff combined with a curriculum that stimulates creativity provide a learning environment in which your child can learn, grown and thrive.

Our Learning Environment

Each classroom is divided into activity areas that are equipped with age-appropriate toys, art supplies, books and other play materials. These activity areas encourage not only creativity, but also independence and responsibility. During daily free time, each child has the opportunity to:

Choose an activity area and decide whether to play independently or with a small group.
Communicate their choices to the teacher and follow through with their decision.
Practice taking care of their classroom and toys while cooperating with classmates.

Our Curriculum

Inspired by the High Scope curriculum, children at Creative Play School develop communication, social, emotional, and motor skills through daily planned activities in subjects such as:


Extensive libraries of children’s books support literacy development while signs and labels throughout the classroom promote reading, identifying and categorizing materials.


In addition to counting, children practice identifying and describing symbols, shapes and patterns. They also begin to learn about measuring and spatial relationships.


Activities such as water play and nature walks allow children to observe, gather knowledge and communicate their ideas about the natural and physical world.

Pretend Play

Imaginative and pretend play are important avenues for children to learn interpersonal skills. They may create dialogue and use props to invent or act out stories using a range of communication and artistic skills.


Children may experiment with materials such as paint, markers and clay to create drawings, sculptures and other crafts. This helps them to not only develop fine motor skills, but also express their ideas and emotions.


Daily outdoor free play on our playgrounds is an opportunity for safe climbing, jumping and other athletics that provide children with exercise and aid in developing an awareness of their bodies.

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North Howard Street: Ages 16 months - 6 years

East Windsor Avenue: Ages 2 - 10 years